about tma audio

Where all large brands first base their development on measuring technology and only then look at music reproduction, TMA Audio works exactly the other way around.

Developing loudspeakers is more like making a musical instrument than consumer electronics.

The ear is an organ that receives sound waves, which the brains will experience as sound. In other words, the human hearing does not only consist of your ears. Your brains are playing a key role in what you are hearing. The interpretation that they provide of the music you are listening to cannot be analysed by measuring equipment.

That is why you will not find any beautiful diagrams and illustrations on our website to convince you that our reproducers are the right ones for you. Listening is the only way to convince yourself of the right choice.

TMA Audio is now introducing you to a number of new loudspeakers that will become benchmarks in their price ranges. A fast, dynamic and realistic sound, that has no equal. TMA Audio uses light cone materials and strong magnets (i.e. a fast pulse reproduction) with high natural attenuation (little colouration) such as textile tweeters (no metal or other hard surfaces) and paper composite bass/mid cones.

By using the 2-way principle, it is possible to have a complete voice range coming from a loudspeaker without separating the root and dominant tones. This results in a much more natural sound image.

TMA Audio loudspeakers have steep crossover filters (TMA Audio PCSC = phase-correct steep crossover) and clever tilting points, so that each speaker does not have to do any more than what it is designed for This results in: little distortion, high pulse distribution, excellent spread, point source reproduction (your hearing will hear it as a source, in the same way as a microphone is a source), spatial and natural reproduction.

The crossover filters are made of high quality selected and combined parts. Unfortunately, this type of systems cannot be designed with a computer, and that is why other manufacturers do not use them.

The loudspeakers are critically damped for a maximum output with minimum colouration. No trouble or expense were spared in order to allow you to enjoy a listening experience in your own living environment. Designs by TMA Audio are tested and listened to in various rooms for long periods of time, so they will hold their ground in difficult rooms as well.

There are 2 series, each consisting of 2 sizes of column speakers and a bookshelf speaker and a subwoofer.